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About Us


  Hi there, A warm welcome! You  On GoldPraise .Com.

I would consider myself blessed if I could share my experience with you through  the Blog “Goldpraise.com”. If you follow those methods carefully, I hope you will benefit greatly.

Jewelry or Gold occupies a place in the minds of our human race. When we go to buy jewelry, there are many special reasons behind buying this jewelry. This special reason can be of many kinds. We don’t see its price when buying gold or jewelry. Talking about the value of the person who will wear this.


I have achieved all the experience through practical work. I am going to share that experience every day through this platform. I have worked in this industry for over twenty-four years. I have Excellent experience in the U.S.A. market. Europe market and Gulf market as well as for Indian market.

I have also worked in the Fashion jewelry industry for many years.

In this working life, I have extended my experience in many things. The knowledge that maybe is beyond my jurisdiction. Yes, maybe on these experiences any certificate I can’t show. But I can say that in order to gain this experience, everyone has to do practical work. Such as Designing (Manual +Degital ), the method of Buying and Selling Gold, the method of making Gold Jewelry, the experience of different types of Stone and Diamond, etc.

I came into the Jewelry industry from Fine Arts. Education Background B.Com Kolkata University, India and Fine Art from Visva Bharati University Kolkata India. However, since entered the industry in 1996, I have worked as a sketch artist(designer) for around six years. Then in 2002, I learned CAD design. with various software.

From this stage on, I began to learn about the Making Process. I also learned Graphic Design. I have run Goldsmith unite form year 2009 to 2014.  I have achieved a product development manager designation after a long experience.

I am going to share all the experiences gained in the workplace. Through which I hope you will benefit

I hope you don’t think this blog is just an informational blog, you think this platform is an awareness Blog.


Come and check out Goldpraise.com as many times as you wish! I will be happy here to share new Experiences and Information. New jewelry discoveries and retail business tips and also tips about selection about any designs with you! 


                                                                                                    Mr. Sanjay Dutta

Jewelry Designing
Manual Designer 60%
Jewelry Cad Designing
Degital Designing 90%
Manufacturing Process knowledge
Product Devalopment 90%
Graphic Design
Presentation Ideas 60%
Product Analysis 70%
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